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Rebalance Complete Coaching

Thank you for looking seriously into your health, fitness and wellbeing. I am excited by the opportunity to be able to guide you through the uncertainty of what it truly takes to achieve your goals and dreams. 

My coaching packages allow you to get results as fast as possible and unlock your full potential to live the vibrant and healthy life that you deserve. 

You will be guided through:

1. Nutritional Principles

You will be able to understand and implement the fundamentals of a diet that is totally unique to your own body and how this diet contributes to your overall health.

2. Optimise Posture

Following an assessment of your body, you will learn how to mobilise your own joints and stretch the specific muscles that will optimise your posture to enable you to stand taller, move freely and feel empowered in your own body. Sports massage therapy will also form a part of this section.

3. Develop a Personalised Fitness Plan

You will have a specific fitness routine that will align with your specific goals (weight loss, muscle gain, endurance improvement, etc), current fitness level and lifestyle constraints. 

4. Master Exercise Technique

You will be taught how to demonstrate perfect form and technique for all of your exercises, including stability, strength,  cardio-vascular, muscular endurance and power training, to maximise effectiveness and prevent injury.

5. Implement Behaviour Change Strategies

You will learn how to apply behaviour change to establish and maintain healthy habits and overcome barriers to your personal growth.

6. Enhance Mental Well-Being

You will be guided through the connection between mental health, lifestyle choices and physical fitness, and will be able to incorporate techniques and strategies to support your overall well-being. 

Package Deals

I offer 3 packages for clients who are ready to make a commitment to their long-term fitness, health and well-being goals. Packages will be fully discussed during your free initial consultation. Prices reduce as commitment level increases

Prime Package

3 Month Duration

£80 per session

Elite Package

6 Month Duration

5% discount on every session

Ultimate Package

12 Month Duration

10% discount on every session

Get in touch to find out more and begin your journey. Don't wait another day to get comfortable with the right decision... often, we just have to begin!


I always leave a minimum of a 15 minute gap between clients

  - This ensures that I can reflect on your notes from the previous session.​

  - This ensures that I can write up the notes immediately after your session to ensure accuracy and retention.

  - This guarantees that you receive a full hour without time pressure. 

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