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Sports Injury Clinic Oxford

David Emsden BSc

• Injury Rehabilitation
• Sports Massage
• Nutrition & Lifestlye Coaching

• Golf Biomechanic


David Emsden is a Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist

My sports injury clinic in Oxford is dedicated to the highest level of injury rehabilitation.

I perform an in-depth analysis of your body to get an accurate picture of the cause of your pain/weakness so that I can begin accurate treatment.

I am trained to the highest level in physical therapy, sports massage, nutrition & lifestyle coaching and functional training, so that I can effectively improve your health and fitness.

I am also a Golf Biomechanic with the specialist knowledge to improve the function of golfers through improved power, accuracy and consistency.

Sports massage clinic in Oxford. Treatment of body pain.
Rebalance Coaching
Lifestyle coaching in Oxford

The Complete Coaching Package

To take you from:

• Out of shape

• Overweight or underweight 

• Exhausted and fatigued

• Sickness and illness

• Injured and in pain

• Stressed or depressed

To move you to:

• Vital and full of energy

• A happy and healthy weight

• Pain free and moving

• Calmer and happier

Golf Biomechanic

Golf Biomechanic

Let's upgrade the most important piece of golf equipment ... you!

Clubs don't play the game, the golfer does! The most important factor in achieving a lower handicap is the golfer; the person who actually swings the club.

"I have had the occasion to work with some of the best physical conditioning specialists in the golf industry today... I can say without reservation that Paul Chek, his work and contribution to the field of golf is on the cutting edge."

                                               Bob Cisco, PGA Tour Instructor 

Golf Biomechanic in Oxford. Lower your golf handicap, improve your tee shot distance, become a better golfer.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

My holistic lifestyle coaching approach works to address any factors that are negatively affecting your injury recovery, health and wellbeing including:

• Maintaining a healthy natural weight

• Stress and anxiety reduction
• Sleep improvements

• Primal Pattern® diet testing, food planning and coaching
• Hormonal regulation
• 4 Doctors assessments
• Digestive issues

Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Oxford

I deliver the highest level of sports massage and remedial therapy in my Oxford clinic. 

I offer sports massage for people who need to:

- Recover from or prepare for activity.

- Relieve tension built up from trigger points.

- Release muscles that have become tight and sore.

- Improve the range of movement at joints.

sports massage in headington, Oxford. Physiotherapist clinic for back pain.
Food testing
Food testing for intollerances and allergies in Oxford. Nutrtionist Oxfordshire.

Food Intolerance Testing in Oxford

Food intolerance testing can be vital to your health and wellbeing. Digestive issues of bloating, pain, cramping, energy lows, skin conditions and a other symptoms can be resolved with key nutrition & lifestyle changes.

I offer different tests to identify your potential problematic foods.

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