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Sports Massage Oxford

1 Hour sessions to alleviate muscle soreness and pain. I have been delivering the highest level of sports massage in Oxford for over 10 years to get consistent results for my clients.

Question - What can you expect from a typical sports massage session for a new client?

Answer - A conversation about what it is that your want to achieve from sports massage. For some people, this is simply to prepare for, or recover from exercise and so sports massage on the targeted areas is performed. For some, people they are trying to get out of pain.

Question - What if I want sports massage to help me get out of pain?

Answer - At this point, just sports massaging the area that hurts is a recipe for disaster. In the vast majority of cases, where the pain is - the problem is not. We will discuss your current situation and perform assessments to figure out why you are experiencing pain. If anyone is not assessing you, then they are guessing as to what is the cause. The findings will be clearly explained to you and then sports massage treatment will begin.

Sports massage in Oxford. Deep tissue masage for back pain and all forms of muscle pain. Injury rehabilitation and recovery for runners.

Sports massage provides the body with a great number of benefits in my Oxford based clinic. Here is a list of the top 10:

1. Improved circulation

2. Removal of toxins from the body

3. Strengthened immune response

4. Improved joint mobility and muscular flexibility

5. Reduced stress levels

6. Decreased anxiety

7. Improved sleep quality

8. Faster recovery from exercise

9. Removal of 'Trigger points'

10. Stimulate movement of lymphatic fluid

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