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Getting unwanted fat around the middle of your body? - Rule 1

Updated: May 19

A person with fat around the middle of their tummy and how to get rid of the unwanted fat
Fat on the tummy

The medical name is syndrome-X (but who cares about that) and it can be frustrating. You just want to know why!

I’ll be going through this over the next few weeks, with posts specifically addressing this issue.

The first reason is ‘back and forth’ or ‘yo-yo’ dieting. Also, be aware that once your mid-section fat cells are full it will progress onto other areas of the body. So, it stands to reason that the mid-section is usually the last place for fat to go from too.

Any time you miss a meal – and I mean just one single meal – your body increases the release of fat storing enzymes. Because your body is releasing fat storing enzymes it must also reduce the release of fat burning enzymes. READ THAT LAST LINE AGAIN.

Here’s the kicker – this happens to a greater level in a women’s body.

So, if you’re getting fed up with your mid-section and you decide to eat less than your body wants, or worse, miss the meal completely, then you’ve just told your body to do the above process – YES, you have!

Why does the body do that? I hear you ask.

Because your body has evolved over thousands of years and it’s job is to keep you alive. Your body doesn’t realise that you live with supermarkets everywhere and that tapping on your mobile phone can get you food delivered in minutes. Your body still believes that you hunt for your food.

When you skip a meal, you tell your body that there was no food available for you to hunt.


Hunt for food --> No food found --> Survival threatened due to starvation --> Increase enzymes that store fat to survive until you get regular food --> eat small amounts of food due to not much food to hunt. Body continues to store as much of that food as possible as fat to keep you alive --> start to find regular food and eat meals each day --> regain lost weight --> body reduces fat storage enzymes --> body returns to natural athletic shape as you get regular meals          


Modern day

Emotions about the way you look --> Skip meal or reduce food intake as part of a diet --> Exact same survival mechanism gets triggered --> Store fat cells even though they’re not needed --> Potential mental health issues and inviting disease into the body due to nutrient deficiency -->  diet ends, as it has to because the body can’t survive on this food intake --> eat the ‘normal’ meals that got you in this situation in the first place --> food converted into fat at a very rapid rate --> feel worse than you did before --> “I’ll go back on that great diet” (that was part of the whole problem) --> entire process repeats, but this time it’s worse and will always be worse --> never reach your natural athletic shape



So, the first part of this section is now very simple and you know why.

If you want to get to a natural athletic look – don’t ever skip meals or cut your meal portions down.

"I’m doing that you say". That’s where the other game changing rules come in, as you must be making other mistakes. Watch this space for RULE NUMBER 2.



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